My 10 Favorite Aldi Products

I’ve not been shy about my love for Aldi. I used to think it was the land of dented cans and overripe produce. On the advice of a friend, I stopped in one day and I’ve been a fan since! They sell the majority of the items I need to stock my kitchen with fresh, healthy, and convenient snacks.

Because I am such a frequent Aldi shopper, here are my top 10 finds. I purchase these things without fail, whether I need them or not. They have great organic and gluten-free selections, as well! And, no other store comes close to being as quick and convenient. I’m not getting anything from Aldi for this post; I just want to make food-prep the easiest possible, for my clients!

#10. Plain Instant Oats

I eat these at least once a day. I love the versatility of oatmeal. My kick lately has been pumpkin spice. I add canned pumpkin, pecans, sugar-free maple syrup, and pumpkin spice seasoning. It’ so yummy and is the perfect pre-workout fuel for me. Another oatmeal favorite is adding peanut butter powder and cocoa powder, with some Stevia and maybe chocolate chips. I usually measure out ½ cup servings into Ziploc bags and keep them at work, since that is where I eat my pre-workout snack. Once I have the stuff out, it’s easiest just to make up a whole bunch and take them into my office for the week. This is so much healthier than using the pre-packaged stuff from the store. Those tend to be loaded with sugar and by using your own, you can adjust your add-ins to fit your macro needs for the day!

#9. Teriyaki Salmon Burgers

These are great for a meal in a pinch. They are premade and frozen, so they keep for a long time in the freezer. I sauté them in a frying pan in just a few minutes (I’m going to try the air fryer, soon). They are great on roll, plain, or chopped up in a sautéed kale salad. They are a little higher in carbs than 4 ounces of chicken breast, but the convenience is worth it!

#8. Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt

I feel like this product may be one of the most versatile I use. I eat it almost every day for my morning snack. Some days I add just fruit, peanut butter powder and a little sweetener. My latest obsession is peanut butter powder, chocolate granola and a little Stevia. It’s like dessert! I also use Greek yogurt in chicken or tuna salads and for baking in recipes. It’s also become a substitute for sour cream, and honestly, I can’t even tell the difference.

#7. Fit and Active Wheat Bread

This bread has saved me so many times! It’s only 17c for two slices, so it’s great to use for avocado toast, peanut butter toast, or even a quick sandwich. I love that I get two slices for the carbs of one piece of regular bread. Having two full slices makes me feel more satisfied.

#6. Organic Sea Salt Popcorn

Salty and crunchy….need I say more. It’s convenient to grab on the go and the macros are great! If I need more fat in my day, I will melt butter and mix it up with that. It’s like being at the movie theater. I love how versatile it is. I think you could easily add some other toppings to make it a more sweet treat, too. It’s a great product!

#5. Reduced Fat Cheeses

For 1c, 3.5f, and 6p, you can’t go wrong with reduced-fat feta. It’s much lower in fat than regular cheeses and adds a lot more flavor. I use it on eggs, kale salad, avocado toast, pizzas, and pretty much anything else I can manage to put it on. I really can’t tell the difference between reduced-fat and regular, which I can’t say about many things.

Well, you can’t use feta on taco bowls! But, the reduced-fat cheddar is great for that! I use it in all the ways I would use regular shredded cheddar. I’ve even used it in a carb-friendly mac and cheese and it melts really well! It has only 2g of fat, compared to the 9g in regular cheddar, and the protein content is the same. This is a product that I will be buying for my whole family to use from now on.

#4. Low-Calorie, High Protein Ice Cream

Halo Top is all the rage, these days. I am on the bandwagon for life! It helps keep me on track, by letting me have a little treat each night, with no guilt. The downside is the almost $5 a pint a price tag! Aldi has created essentially the same product, but in limited flavors. At my local store, they are currently carrying chocolate, vanilla and mint chip. Out of these, I would say the mint chip is the best, followed by vanilla. I think it runs about $2.99 a pint, so I usually pick a couple up and save my Halo Top purchase for when I can get it on sale.