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Join now to learn to fuel your body for real-life!  Many of us are eating the “right” foods, but not in the right proportions.  Your macros are individually programmed for you. I take into account your work, exercise, age and personal goals.  Taking time to learn about nutrition and your body will serve you for real life, for the rest of your life! My coaching services are not meant to last forever.  My goal, as your coach, is to teach you healthy, mindful eating that is sustainable, so that you leave my program with all of the tools to maintain your health for the rest of your life.


No matter what your goal is, weight loss, weight gain, body recomposition, or just learning how best to fuel your body, I can help you find your best “Nutrition to Fuel Your Life”.


Month to Month Subscription

$99 /month


  • Initial consultation with coach

  • In-depth lifestyle and goal survey

  • Initial macro/calorie target calculations

  • Track and upload weekly progress

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach

  • Supportive community for accountability

  • Access to resources and regular feedback

  • Adjustments to your macro/calorie targets

  • Access your coach anytime for questions and support

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