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My Story


Everyone has a story, right?  I’m no different.  As a teenager and young adult, I was always pretty average -sized.  I was a competitive cheerleader in high school, so that, and my teenage metabolism made it pretty easy to eat whatever I wanted.  Even through three pregnancies and three years of nursing babies, I managed to always get back to a reasonable weight.  As an adult, I was never very physically active, but it was never a huge issue until my mid-30s, when I started working full-time.  It was a huge shift for me because I had been home with my daughters for eleven years.  My first ‘grown-up” job was as a school secretary.  So, all of sudden, I was stuck in a chair for the large majority of my day.  

The weight began to creep on, but I didn’t change any of my eating habits.  Fast-forward about five years, and three job changes, and I had made my way up to 222 pounds.  I always knew that I would make a change, but I couldn’t bring myself to make the commitment.  My daughters were dancing at our local dance/ballet company and I noticed that a new CrossFit box had opened in the building.  I didn’t know what it was, but I was intrigued.  I creeped on their website every so often, but was terrified of stopping in to ask questions.

I was becoming more and more uncomfortable in my own skin.  I felt like the person that people saw on the outside didn’t represent who I was on the inside.  I had given up on myself.  I loved doing fun things with my family and friends, loved shopping and fashion, but I was so limited in where I could shop.  And, because I wasn’t happy in my own body, I was shopping way too much trying to find the one outfit that would make me feel good enough.  I was using food to comfort myself, reward myself, treat myself, and to celebrate any, and all, social events.  Food became a distraction from dealing with trauma that had plagued me since childhood.  


In the summer of 2015, my husband and I took a day trip to the west side of Michigan to bring our daughter to ballet camp.  We stopped at the beach to visit and while we were there, we snapped some pics in the water.  I felt pretty and was excited to get some pics of my family.  When I saw the pics, I felt like I was looking at someone else.  It was time!  I came home and contacted the CrossFit box.  Within a month, I was attending 4-5 days a week. I fell in love with all of it- the people, the workouts, the intensity, the barbell.  I cleaned up my diet and dropped almost fifty pounds within about 6-7 months.  

I was so excited and I felt so healthy! I was happy with my progress for a couple of years, but then my progress in the gym stalled.  I knew it was my weight that was preventing me from attaining some of my biggest goals:  pull-ups, toes to bar, push-ups, etc.  A close friend had signed up with an online nutrition coaching company.  I was intrigued, but I knew I wasn’t mentally ready to make the commitment required.  I watched her progress and we talked often about her journey and results.  After several months, I knew it was time.  I also knew that with signing-up it was going to take more commitment than I had ever made to my health.  I dove right in!  

As I began to see results, it became easier to meet the goals set by my coach. I became interested in learning about nutrition at a different level.  I wanted to understand why certain foods affected me the way they did and what kinds of food would best fuel my workout.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others.  I knew that if the 222-pound me could do this, anyone could!  

Based on my own success I decided to pursue my nutrition coaching certification and share my expertise and knowledge with others so that they can reach their nutrition and health goals.  I’ve worked with people of all ages and all fitness levels-from CrossFitters to grandmothers.  My goal is to meet you where you are and to make sure that you are comfortable with your progress and understanding of your journey.  Ultimately, you will be responsible for your health and wellness. Your path to the "healthiest you" will look different than mine.  I will be there to support you as you learn what works, for you, and what doesn’t. Your journey is about you learning to find “Nutrition to Fuel Your Life!”